Why your company needs a 3D configurator

Integrating online sales and physical retail is a common struggle in today’s business environment, especially within a franchise model. A lot of business owners get scared that by creating an online sales option they’re physical stores will suffer the consequences. Using a 3D configurator in an omnichannel context can actually help boost your sales if you use it correctly.

3D configurator?

Potential clients create their product online and can instantly generate a quote, featuring a unique ID. Afterwards they’re able to bring the quote to a store and finish the buying process there. Integrating the configurator into your business process brings multiple advantages along with it.

Expand customer base

Enabling customers to customize their products online can help you broaden your customer reach. There will always be consumers that prefer to exclusively shop online. By giving customers the chance to design their product online on their own time, finishing up the purchase in-store will become much less intimidating. Customers who might find it too inconvenient to visit a physical store, may otherwise be drawn to competitors offering online solutions.

Improve throughput time and minimize errors

Once an order is confirmed, you have all the essential customer and technical details required to start manufacturing. The information is immediately transferred to ERP and CRM systems, making your data easily accessible to every department that needs it. This means there’s no human intervention necessary, which makes less room for human errors and accelerates the throughput time from configuration to production.

In-depth customer insights

The 3D configurator registers every little design choice a customer makes, from the dimensions to the finishing of the edges. By collecting and analyzing this data, you’ll be able to pinpoint trends and customer preferences. The preferences of your prospective clients continually evolve, but now you’ll finally sense that you’re keeping pace with them.

Smooth buying process

The potential client has already given you all the information you need beforehand, ensuring your salespeople will be 100% prepared for the customers. You can tailor the rest of the buying process to match the customers’ unique preferences and requirements. Which speeds up the process for your client but also gives your salespeople more time to tend to other clients.

Boost conversion rate

When you compare conversion rates online vs in-store, conversion rates in-store are still higher. By offering an online configuration and quotations tool, it’s easier to give customers that final push. Customers still enjoy the personalized experience of an in-store purchase.


An omnichannel approach combined with a 3D configurator will help boost your overall growth and conversion rates. Taking the best parts from in-store retail and online sales, you’re creating a smooth and immersive customer experience whilst also boosting your conversion rate and optimizing your sales process.

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