Linking 3D configurators and production systems

3D configurators can be easily linked to your production system. This not only enhances your efficiency, but also minimizes errors and streamlines your entire production system. The 3D configurator can be integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship management) systems. This blogpost will expand on different aspects of the integration. 

Generating technical drawings

The 3D configurator is able to automatically generate technical drawings for every configuration. Once a customer finalizes their customized product, the data is seamlessly transferred into the production pipeline. This reduces the occurrence of errors because manual data entry becomes redundant. Making sure the product aligns exactly with the customer’s configuration.

Automatically generated bill of materials

The integration with production systems enables a Bill of Materials to be generated automatically. This document lists all the components and materials that will be required to manufacture the customized product. This means manufacturers can optimize their inventory management and minimize the risk of shortages or overstock.

Integration with production software

All data from the 3D configurator is integrated with production software in a specific format, typically using APIs. The machines used in manufacturing are controlled through the production software, minimizing errors. It’s still possible to change the designs at any point during the production process, which provides a lot of flexibility.


The integration of 3D configurators with ERP, CRM and production systems revolutionizes the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing errors are less likely to occur because technical drawings and bills of materials can be generated automatically, even the machinery can be controlled through production software. The future of manufacturing is automatic, precise and in collaboration with 3D configurators.

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