Sell faster and more through automatically generated quotes.

Generate quotes automatically.

Our 3D configurators allow for the automatic generation of quotes, which can also include technical drawings. This saves hours of manual quote creation and enables potential customers to receive their desired quotes much faster.


Shorten the time to a quote and confirmation.

You can deliver quotes much faster to your potential customers because they can instantly see the results. There is no longer a need to wait for technical drawings or calculations. This will also reduce your pre-sales costs.

Ideal for dealers.

If you are a manufacturer, you can provide the 3D configurator to sell your product. This simplifies the sales process for your dealers, leading to increased sales.

Webshop and B2B orders.

It is possible to integrate our configurators with a webshop system, allowing potential customers to purchase their configured products online.

Additionally, it is possible to set up a B2B zone where existing partners can place orders with discounts.

High ROI due to faster and improved quotes.

We have observed among our clients that they are able to generate quotes much faster and with improved quality. The significant reduction in hours spent, coupled with higher conversion rates, results in a quick Return on Investment.

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Every project is unique. That is why it is important to sit together and discuss an optimal approach for your project. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss what works for you, without any obligation.

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