Exploring the future of 3D configurators

3D configurators have emerged as powerful tools that change the way we see products and personalisation. Even though they are still kind of up and coming, we see a future filled with 3D configurators in various industries and aspects of our daily lives. 

Unparalleled personalisation 

As technology advances, configurators will become more sophisticated, allowing people to customise products with a revolutionising level of detail. From choosing colours to tweaking the most intricate design elements and details, consumers will be able to personalise almost everything they can purchase. Users will be able to customise their lifestyle to an unprecedented extent.

E-commerce redefined

As online shopping continues to dominate consumer culture, integrating 3D configurators will become just as ordinary. No more guessing what a product will look like in real life, sending back clothing because it doesn’t fit or getting disappointed because something ‘looked different online’. Brands will probably embrace configurators and stop mass producing products, from now on everything will be made-to-order. Making sustainability the standard across sectors and reducing unnecessary waste.

Cross-industry adoption

While 3D configurators have already proven successful in industries like furniture, they’re not limited to these few industries. Adoption will be widespread across various industries, including real estate, electronics or even healthcare. Customers could customise their homes, electronic devices or create medical equipment tailored to their specific needs. Not only on the front side, manufacturing products made-to-order will be easier than ever before. Configurators will be linked to production systems everywhere, immediately sending data to manufacturers and automating the whole process.

Augmented reality Integration

Augmented reality is already integrated into some 3D configurators, but in the future this will just be standard. As AR continues to advance, consumers will be able to see a lifelike version of their configuration in their own environment. Knowing exactly what that customised sofa will look like in your living room and continuing to check-out without any doubts. The integration of 3D configurators with AR will provide a smooth user experience, bringing the digital and real world together.

Collaborative Configurations

The future will likely include collaborative 3D configurators, allowing users to create products together in real time. Whether it’s renovating a home with your partner or designing matching T-shirts with a friend. Platforms will let you customise products with whoever you want, whenever you want. This adds a social aspect to configurators that is unprecedented today, making it easy to exchange ideas and preferences.


The future of 3D configurators is bright and full of exciting possibilities. Technology continues to advance and so will 3D configurators. They will not only make the world fully customisable but also more sustainable. We are very excited to see what the future has in store for configurators and if our ideas for the future will become reality someday.

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