Enhancing Your Presence at Furniture Fairs with 3D Configurators

Furniture fairs stand as pivotal opportunities for companies to not only network and showcase products but also to distinguish themselves in a competitive market. The integration of a 3D configurator can elevate your stand, setting you apart from the competition, whilst boosting your conversion rates and amount of leads.

Set your company apart

Move beyond static displays and elaborate brochures. Integrating 3D configurators allows fair attendees to explore your stand in a dynamic and interactive way. Whether it’s personalising cabinets, couches, tables or anything else. 3D configurators enable attendees to customise products to their unique preferences. They can discover the intricacies of different models and try out all the different features. But companies adopting 3D configurators don’t only showcase their products; they demonstrate their commitment to innovation and a modern, user-centric approach. Making them stand out in a crowded landscape of furniture companies.

Quickly create quotes

Furniture fairs are a lot of work, providing each customer that came to your stand with a direct quote afterwards is a tedious task. A 3D configurator would eliminate a lot of work for you and your client. When the configuration is finished customers can instantly generate a quote and have it sent to their email address. This also means you’re able to produce a great quantity of quotes, making it possible to tend to more potential clients in the same amount of time. Adapting a 3D configurator makes your and your customers’ workload way less heavy, while simultaneously creating a smooth customer experience.

Higher conversion rates

Our experience has shown that using a 3D configurator at furniture fairs leads to higher conversion rates. Conversion rates are, simply put, leads that are turned into new customers. Customers sincerely appreciate how easily they can configure their own product and how quickly they receive a quote, no more waiting around for several weeks. The accelerated buying process lifts a lot of the mental load of furniture shopping for your customers, making your company their number one choice.

Generate more leads

The 3D configurator is a valuable tool for generating leads. Visitors willingly leave their contact information before receiving a quote, providing you with the opportunity to follow up with them and provide some additional information. This not only expands your customer base but also enhances the profitability of your participation in furniture fairs, simultaneously lowering the perceived cost of the engagement.


In an ever-changing landscape of consumer experiences, it is important to keep innovating your business. 3D configurators can serve as a beacon of innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. It sets the company apart from the rest, lets attendees make informed decisions and quickly giving them a quote for their configuration. While also providing you with higher conversion rates and more leads.The future of furniture fairs awaits, and with 3D configurators, your company is poised for a prominent role in shaping it.

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