Debunking common misconceptions about 3D configurators

3D configurators are still very up and coming technology, this makes misconceptions very common because the information about configurators is not widespread yet. We’ve selected some of the most common misconceptions to debunk, highlighting how practical 3D configurators can be for a wide range of businesses.

Myth #1: 3D configurators are only for high-tech companies

3D configurators can be implemented in various industries and for various types of products. So far, we’ve made configurators for clothing, packaging, closets, pools, greenhouses, beds and so on. The possibilities are endless, if your product is customisable we will probably be able to design a configurator for it. As long as your company has a website and your customers have an internet connection, a 3D configurator can be integrated into your website. You don’t need to be a massive and innovative company to reap the benefits from a 3D configurator. The main goal is enhancing your online presence and providing you with an omnichannel approach where all channels communicate flawlessly.

Myth #2: 3D configurators are very expensive

They don’t have to be! The cost of a configurator is dependent on a range of factors. A very detailed and heavy 3D configurator will of course cost more than a quick and simple configurator. It depends on your type of product, the amount of customisation you want, other complementary features and so on. Additionally, the configurator boosts conversion rates and generates more leads, which provides a higher turnover rate and boosts your business overall. Generally, companies have a payback time of around 1 to 2 years on our configurators. 

Myth #3: A 3D configurator will weaken my in-store retail

This is one of the most commonly heard myths we want to debunk. Our 3D configurators offer a smooth combination of online sales and in-store sales. When customers design their product online, they receive a quote with a unique code linked to their configuration. They are encouraged to finish up the purchase in-store. Which gives salespeople the opportunity to pull up the configuration (using the unique code) and provide some tailored advice or additional information. Conversion rates are still higher in-store than online, so giving the people the opportunity to combine the two will further boost your conversion rates. People like to browse options online on their own time but also enjoy a personalized face-to-face experience! 

Myth #4: 3D configurators only offer advantages for customers, not for the business itself

A 3D configurator makes the whole buying process smooth and easy for the customer, indeed. But also gravely benefits the business itself. As mentioned before a 3D configurator boosts your conversion rates and generates more leads, but those are not the only advantages. They also improve throughput time and minimize errors, seeing as the whole production process becomes automated and there’s no need for human intervention. They also provide in-depth customer insights, the configurator stores all data. Making it easy for you to analyze the data and anticipate trends, keeping up with your potential customers and their preferences. 3D configurators offer advantages for all parties involved, enhancing your productivity and the customer experience.

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