Combining sales and VR

One of our newest projects, the Brensj configurator, is a perfect example of how the possibilities for 3D configurators are endless. This configurator makes it possible to configure an entire house and visualise it afterwards. Walking around in your future home isn’t a faraway possibility, it has officially turned into reality.

Virtual model

All the customer needs to do is book an appointment with a Brensj salesperson in-store. After discussing their general preferences, the customer puts on a VR-headset and experiences a glimpse of their future home. The Brensj supervisor can then present the customer with different design options in real time, making it possible to step through the home and visualise their preferred design choices. 

This simplifies the decision-making process for both the client and the salesperson. Miscommunications and unmet expectations are significantly less frequent than before, ensuring a smooth interaction and a more positive client experience.


Aside from the VR feature, the system also automatically generates realistic renders when the configuration is finished. Upon departure, the customer receives realistic renders that highlight their specific design choices. This not only helps them recall the VR-session but gives them the opportunity to let everything sink in. Changes can still be made afterwards if the client changes their mind after all.


Along with personalised renders, the customer will also receive a quote. When the customer is satisfied with their design, the quote is instantly and automatically generated. Eliminating unnecessary waiting times that could take weeks otherwise. Smoothening along the buying process for everyone involved.

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Every project is unique. That is why it is important to sit together and discuss an optimal approach for your project. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss what works for you, without any obligation.

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