A house configurator for modular living.

Configuration of a complete house.

The Brensj configurator is an impressive project as it allows for the configuration of a complete modular house.

The sales team at Brensj utilizes this tool to visually present all the possibilities to potential customers.

The configurator calculates the price in real-time, enabling the end customer to walk away with a quote immediately.

Virtual Reality and renders.

The end customer can experience the house in Virtual Reality, walking through and exploring it. The Brensj representative can showcase different options in real-time, guiding the customer to make an optimal choice.

The system also provides the capability to generate realistic renders based on the choices made by the end customer. This allows the customer to have an optimal visual representation of the final result.

Automatic renders.

As the icing on the cake, this configurator automatically generates renders. This way, the customer receives a series of renders with their specific configuration choices.

Realistic rendering house

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