Business optimization using a pool configurator

Over the last few months we have been creating a 3D pool configurator for our partner Carropools. They wanted to integrate their online sales and physical retail, which we gladly helped them achieve. We easily integrated the 3D configurator into their already existing website. Because of the digitization, their production chain is now accelerated from configuration to production. 

Features & visualisation

The pool configurator makes it easy to browse all the different design options available. Customers have the flexibility to customise various aspects of their pool, including the type of pool, the stairs, precise measurements, the colour, shutter system and even the pool lighting.

What also sets this configurator apart is its dynamic visual feature. Each time a customer makes a modification to any design aspect of the pool, the visualisation automatically adapts. Ensuring the customers can fine-tune their decisions with precision and ease. 

Lifelike environment

The configurator allows you to display the newly designed pool in a realistic environment. Ensuring the customer has a clear picture of what their pool looks like. Eliminating misplaced expectations and helping along the decision process. Even when the pool is displayed in a realistic environment, it’s still possible to change features in real time.

Direct Quote

After the customer designs their dream pool they can generate a detailed quote. They will leave their contact information as well as if they just prefer a quote, personalised advice or both. The configurator will then generate a brochure including the quote, a unique ID, a summary of their design choices and some additional information. Which means the customer has all the information they need.

Afterwards, the customer can go and finish up their sale in-store with the unique ID featured in the brochure. The salespeople pull up the design to prepare for the consultation and are still able to change the design during said consultation.


The configurator is not just user-friendly; it also accelerates the production process. Upon generating a quote, the production information is simultaneously created using the same technology as the production foundation. The client’s configuration is automatically turned into production drawings that can be linked to CRM and ERP systems. 


The 3D configurator has not only streamlined Carropools’ purchasing process but has also enhanced their entire production process. Pools are now being generated daily, complementing their in-person sales efforts and contributing to the growth of their company.

Try out the configurator here: 

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