Boost your sales with AR

Today’s businesses have to constantly keep up with new technology innovations, which is something that usually gets pushed to the backburner. But incorporating these innovations into your existing strategy will greatly benefit your business. A 3D configurator combined with an Augmented Reality feature will boost your sales and grow your company.

3D configurator & AR

A 3D configurator makes it easy for customers to design their product online. This makes it possible to generate quotes faster and in larger quantities than ever before. The quote is automatically generated as the design process is finished and the customer immediately receives the quote in their mailbox. 

Along with the quote, customers are able to display their creation in their own environment through Augmented Reality. Receiving the Augmented Reality link is free, the client only needs to provide some contact information. They instantly receive the link in their mailbox and can visualise their own design. For example, if your business is focused on garden sheds, people could go to their garden and see what the garden house would like like there.

Generate more leads

Because customers leave their contact information to generate the AR creation, you’re generating more leads. The database contains the contact information of every prospect that generated a product but didn’t continue on to purchase. This database makes it easy for you to personally follow up on these leads.

Higher conversion rates

In-store conversion rates consistently outperform online conversion rates. Giving people the opportunity to see the product and even finish up the purchase in-store if they wish to do so, will boost your online conversion rates. 

More customer satisfaction

Because customers are able to ‘try out’ the product in their own environment, there will be more customer satisfaction. They will know exactly what to expect when moving on to purchase, creating a more calm experience without unnecessary worries.

Customer Insights

Using a 3D configurator and Augmented Reality presents you with valuable insights. You’ll know exactly which design options and configurations are the most popular. The system provides you with all of the important data, you just have to notice the trends. This allows you to finetune which design options you offer to your clients first.

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